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A driving experience so immersive you're guaranteed not only to up skill your driving technique, but also improve endurance, concentration, race strategy and car set-up skills.

Motionforce1 Performance Simulator

Racing Components

Race Componenents

The only simulator of it's type built with genuine motorsport components. The result is a premium feel and driving experience like no other.

Racing Pedals

Tilton Pedal Box

Professional pedal box offering exceptional driver feel and response. Can be adjusted to simulate pedal pressure and feel.

Professional Steering System

Steering System

The best high performance professional steering system available as used by:

As used by logos

Shifter Options

Shifter Options

Drivers can select from paddle-shift or left or right 'Quaife' sequential shift to match the selected vehicle. (H-Pattern avail soon)

Steering Wheels

Wheel Options

Attach different steering wheels for GT, LMP, Single Seater and Rally and enjoy the same steering feel and functions as the real vehicle.

LED Display

LED Display

Motorsport programable LED display and shift lights that can be adjusted to match the desired vehicle.

Tactile Feedback

Tactile Feedback

200watt transducers provide ultra realistic low frequency vibrations to simulate road texture, ripple strips, tire slip, engine rumble and gear changes.

Full Motion

Full Motion

Full driver motion including lateral, accelleration and braking forces. Up to 80kg of thrust with responsive and realistic simulation of G-forces.

Realistic Vision

Ultimate Realism

Incredible HD Screens and access to cuttting edge software creates a driving experience so realistic you could forget you are driving a sim.

Our Drivers
  • Will Davison

    This thing is the real deal, very accurate feeling with seat motion, pedal and steering weight feel. Amazing!

    – Will Davison (Bathurst 1000 winner)

  • Matt Campbell

    I couldn't believe how realistic it was. What a fantastic training tool! I was within tenths of lap times I have done in real life around Bathurst!

    – Matt Campbell (Porsche Carrera Cup Champion)

  • Nick Percat

    The Motionforce1 is the most immersive and realistic simulator I've ever driven. Steering weight, pedal feel and seat motion made it incredibly lifelike. Can't wait to get back on it!

    – Nick Percat (Bathurst 1000 winner)


Motionforce1 Performance Driving Simulators

  • Tilton 600 series
  • Adjustable fly by wire throttle
  • Adjustable hydraulic brake
Steering System
  • Kollmorgen 16nm torque
  • 10,000 point high resolution encoder
  • Infinite adjustment
Steering Wheel
  • Quick release GT wheel standard.
  • Optional Gp2 and LMP wheel
Digital Dash
  • Sli Pro programmable shift lights and LED data display
  • 3 x 55inch High Definition
  • Optional Ultra High Definition 4k LED
  • Oculus Rift 3D
  • 1500watts Dolby Digital 3D surround sound system
  • Wireless headset and microphone
Tactile Transducers
  • 6x 200watt programable buttkickers
  • Located 4 x wheels
  • Pedals and back of seat
  • Racetech RT4119 FIA approved
  • cetech 4 x point
Motion System
  • 2x SCN5 linear actuators
  • 80kg thrust
Programmable Buttons
  • Kitter dual rotary encoders
  • single rotary encoders
  • push button
  • toggle switches

Motionforce1 Performance Driving Simulators

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